Healthcare Job Board and Recruitment Platform

Physician and Allied Health Job Board

The Job Board is where recruiters, physicians and allied health professionals find each other faster than anywhere else - by putting all the information recruiters and candidates need in a simple, intuitive interface.

Healthcare Recruitment & Screening

With over 80 years of combined experience in candidate sourcing, we have refined the process to a T.

We have a team of experienced professional researchers that proactively seek and prescreen physician and allied health candidates by asking detailed questions and documenting all information. Providing complete and accurate profile information to give recruiters everything they need for successful placements.

Instead of waiting for candidates to find us, we find them. We actively seek out top talent, interview them in detail about their preferences and qualifications, and compile in-depth profiles based on their responses. And with more openings from a wider array of facilities and recruiters, which attracts even more candidates -- making it easy to identify the best matches between openings and candidates.

Database & Marketing Platform in One

Candidate Database

Our database now includes Nurse Practitioners, Physician Assistants, and CRNAs. More candidates, averaging 20 new profiles added each day.

Timely notifications. Get the list of fresh new candidates everyday. Be notified for every response/application to your job advert.

Scalable, Accessible & Reponsive

Easily scalable up or down through our robust infrastructure. It doesn't matter if you have 3 jobs or tens of thousands of them. Our job board was designed to scale.

Precision Marketing

Take advantage of our marketing channels and highly targeted advertising campaigns. We send regular emails and/or SMS only to relevant candidates, ensuring high response rates.

Job seekers are matched to job opportunites using specialty and location matching.